Personalised Pilates

Customised Pilates lessons for all ages & abilities

PilatesEvery Personalised Pilates session begins with a movement assessment. Exercises are individually tailored to improve movement diversity and physical health.

Strengthening techniques are taught to Certified Pilates standards. Prescribed exercises help restore qualities that may have been lost due to injury or too much time at the computer. 

Onsite equipment such as the Reformer provides finely tuned exercises that allow you to work very precisely with your alignment and core strength.

"Most of my clients come to me with postural and back problems. You only need a few one-to-one sessions to understand the exercises and build a programme you can practice at home.

I'd also advise having an occasional top-up session to make sure you're getting the movement techniques right."

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Ask for a personalised exercise program to:
  • increase core strength
  • reduce back pain and strengthen stability
  • improve body shape and posture