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Philip Bishop PicturePhilip is a specialist on posture analysis / correction, a qualified Pilates Instructor, and is certified in sports and remedial massage therapy from the London School of Sports Massage.

He uses a wide range of therapies that complement Osteopathy & Physiotherapy.

He has trained at the Scott Studio (renowned in the Pilates field) and continues professional development courses to apply current evidence-based practice within his field.

Based in Stoke Newington since 2001, his background in dance and movement studies have given him extensive experience with clients recovering from muscular injury.

"I like to ensure my clients learn safe techniques to take home and progress at their own level. Afterall, Posture and Pilates are ultimately about empowering people to achieve their own ease of movement."

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  • Certified Pilates Instructor Scott Studio, Somerset
  • Manipulative Therapies Certification
  • Posture Exercise Professional
  • Sports Massage Therapist London School of Sports Massage